Know the signs if your kids buy pot: A Parent‘s Guide to Marijuana Accessories

Parents beware – your kids may be doing illegal things under the radar. It is a given that you have never used and seen marijuana in various forms and paraphernalia before. But if your kids buy pot and are doing stuff under your nose without you having the slightest hint, it may be better for you after all to have tried the stuff when you were younger so that you know what happening in your very own home. You should be aware of some objects used as pot paraphernalia lurking somewhere in your kid’s room or some obscure places in the house.

 Hash or hashish

This looks like a green or brown compacted ball made from marijuana leaf resins. The texture ranges from crumbly or waxy, come in various sizes, and could be found in odd shapes. The THC (addictive component of marijuana) of hash is highly concentrated compared to regular marijuana.

 Hot knives

If you happen to find several knives in your kitchen with burnt tips, this can be an indication that you kids buy pot. Two knives are heated in a stove and then the hot tips are pressed against a crumb of hash or pot to produce smoke.


Blunts are cigar tubes stuffed with marijuana and are smoked just like cigars. Often, fresh cigars are emptied and stuffed with an overload of marijuana.

 Rolling papers

The most commonly used pot paraphernalia are the cigarette rolling papers that are used to make a joint.

Marijuana pipe

Also known as hash pipe, it is another way of smoking marijuana by means of stuffing weed through the pipe and is heated by a lighter or other fire source.


A more sophisticated form of the marijuana pipe is the bong or water pipe. It utilizes water to cool the smoke as it passes through an elongated tube to make it less irritating to the throat and lungs so that it can be deeply inhaled for a more penetrating effect.

They may look fairly common to the uninitiated eye, but if you happen to stumble upon these items inside your house; chances are, someone living in your house buy pot, and it couldn’t possibly be your wife.